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Back again…

What impossible situation can you make possible?

How is your spirituality inclusive?

If you are not moving forward, where are you moving?



I am sharing what I wrote late last night from a prompt from my online group.  It’s not poetry, tho’ I will end it with a limerick here which I didn’t for the prompt.  We were asked to write about not being able to talk for 30 days.  I made it pretty silly.  And… it was really fun to write.  I thought it might entertain you.  What might your story be if you decided to not talk for 30 days?  Could you?  HA


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Day 7 (what I did on day 1)…

I took duct tape, that ugly, silver, metallic super tape, and laid a stripe of it over my mouth.  I figured everyone would ‘get’ that I wasn’t talking.  To make sure they got it I took black marker and wrote, ‘zip it’ across it. I needed the security.


I wasn’t gonna talk. Which to many would be hard to believe.  Well, believe this people when I say,  “Duct tape across the chops.  I’m serious.”  Besides, could I really not talk for 30 days?  Not with out my trusted duct tape.  Oh, and it didn’t hurt that I was gonna ‘win’  3,000 dollars for doing it.  I guess that was an important part to all the 30 days of silence.  You see, Ivan Strongwick, bet me that I could not keep my pie hole silent for 30 days.  Ya, well watch this Ivan.  $3,000 is quite an incentive and I needed the cash.


I was sure I could do it, no problemo.  When I set my mind to short term goals, look out world. I am a gal that can have her best conversations with herself, out-loud in the grocery store.  So, I decided, since I said I wasn’t gonna talk for 30 days with in earshot of any human being, it would be best to zip it with some duct tape rather than trust that my mouth wouldn’t flop open suddenly.  It would alleviate the  threat of blurting out loud, unconsciously, in public, to myself, in front of someone.

Ivan had some squirrelly looking dude follow me everywhere.  I mean everywhere.  I had to put him up on the couch and give him morning coffee.  I was super glad he wasn’t cute, cause I have a thing for cute boys.   I don’t need to talk to them, if you get my drift.  Silence is golden.


Of course, I’ve ripped it off at meals.  I chose not to share meals with others, even Mr. Squirrelly Dude, just incase, ya Know?   Sure it was lonely, but come on, 30 days of loneliness.  I could live with that.  It left my upper lip free of excess hair, which was great.  I did lean toward my grand mother’s propensity for being hirsute in places women really don’t want hair to grow.  Duct tape did wonders for my upper lip even if it rashed out a little bit.  Clean as a baby’s ass.  I put some of it on my chin and between my eyes; pulled those renegade hairs right out.  I tried a duct tape brazilian, ohhh that hurt.   Best left to a good professional waxing.  Don’t try that at home either,  not pretty.    When I’m talking again, you can count on me sharing the benefits of hair removal a’la duct tape.


It’s day 30.  (I’m so good a writing in a diary)

I’ve lost 20 lbs.;  a hell of a weight loss program. I needed it. It became painfully hard to keep pulling that duct tape on and off from my mouth, so I did it every third day. Big Ouch. I made a slit in it with a pointy exacto for a straw so I could sippy beverages.  I only nicked my lower lip a teeny bit.  My lips are noticeably puffy and red around the duct tape edges.  I’m gonna have an ugly surface scab all around my mouth for another month.  I can live with the not-so-pretty of it for $3,000.  And… I haven’t said one frickin’ word to anyone in 29 days.  Really, you have no idea how excited I am.


Show me the money Ivan.  Show me that damn money.


~~~   ***   ~~~   ***   ~~~   ***


There was gal from Ann Arbor

who used duct tape as if it was armor

to silence her chatter

she duct taped what mattered

left her lips bloody shredded like fiber





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2 responses to “30 DAYS OF SILENCE… REALLY?

  1. Funny stuff. I could not imagine being quiet that long.


  2. mamma

    tee hee!!!


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