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What inspires you to express your creativity?

How might you remain focused when distracted?

As you build on the foundation of your life, what is the most important thing to remember?



Love the ARK.  Tim Robbins and The RogueS Gallery Band made one of their debut stops in A2.  Delightful, sincere, a bunch of great musicians having fun.  And that dimpled face Tim, all Mr. Cutie, and given us his heart felt musical talents.  His parents were musician/perfomers.  His tribute song to them actually brought tears to my eyes.  Damn it’s good to see live music. And golly geewhiz it was super fun to see Tim.  Did I say how cute he is?  OH Ya, just another star struck pathetic fan.  


~~~~    ***    ~~~~    ***    ~~~~   ***    ~~~~    ***


Tim Robbins with your dimpled face

Us old girls crushin’ out all over the place

Swaggin’ your songs on the stage

A new redemption, a new page


What to expect from a movie star

I wasn’t sure you’d get your music this far

It’s not like you’re the first to pave that way

thinkin’ you have what it takes to stay


A musician man, loud and clear 

not flauntin’ your stardom for us to hear

some wanna be hopeful like so many others

havin’ the cash to promote you and your brothers


Well surprise on me  and my girls

You dimpled face rogue you set us whirl

with the the charms of your music and band

givin’ your passion we cheered with raised hands


Tim Robbins and your band of Rogues

I wanted to meet you, give a hug and hello

you hide your Star in the back, away from the crowd

I purchase your CD with not the same wow


So I got the slash of your name across that CD

It has to be enough for my crush to just be

a lingering want held to a disk

I will play again and again with a sigh and a wish.


Tim Robbins your dimpled faced Rogue

With your gallery of charms out on the road

sharing your music, smiling on stage

I’ll miss you Tim Robbins, I’ll miss your sweet ways.






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  1. mamma

    You said it all beautifully… well done!!


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