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What do you reach for?

What do you give back?

How do you balance what you desire with what you need?



You notice that I don’t go political here in the traditional sense of the definition.  It’s deliberate.  Like many, I am overwhelmed with the politics of this world, this country, my state, my city.  Sometimes I am overwhelmed by my inner sense of being sensible and judicious while engaging my personal power.  That is a type of politicking that I am most familiar with.  It’s hard to get away from the politics of living.  Actually, I believe it’s impossible, my definition.  So…

As I gather to myself my ‘heart’s desire’, which is to find kindness and peaceful co-excistence, I ask myself the question, Is what is happening around and within me an expression of peace and kindness?  If it isn’t, than what in the moment, can I do to bring that to me?  Is it taking a moment to calm and breath deeply?  Is it in the remembering of something lovely and beautiful?  Is it a call to ‘Source’ or ‘God’, or what/whoever it is that represents peace?

If I am full with my Heart’s Desire, I am a living expression of what brings joy and goodness to the madness of the politic of this world.  One little step at a time.  One little bit, one little reflection.



***How does what is essential to your living, your heart’s desire, reflect joy and goodness to the world around and within you?



walking the talking

give the messages on wings

no stones in pockets


sensible justice

impossible equality

find it first in you


essence in the heart

flees from the power struggle

all roads lead to love


high is the ceiling

no debt at the pearly gates

the oyster knows sand


fear is a villain

lessens the power of action

go play with children


all that you can be

holds enough as you are now

sail the harvest moon

 Haiku Friday




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6 responses to “POLITICAL HAIKU? really

  1. Well done …political poemin’ be hard



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