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6 august 2011   >  18/9   >  moon/hermit


What personal wisdom do you desire to draw on today?

What needs to come out of the ‘shadows’ to have some light poured on it?

Will you complete what you started?


Habits… good ones … not so good ones.. and those really ugly, addictive ones.  how about you?  Got any ya hide from your peeps?   Maybe, you keep some in that shadow place of yours that only is rouse by the full moon or better yet, the new moon, all dark and hidden.  Then, there is always Denial.  Blessed denial.  It does have it purpose of protecting you from certain truths that need time to come to your surfaces so you can look them in the eye.  Me… ooooo, I got me some habits.  No denial here, and it’s likely I won’t overtly tell you of them.  Somethings are best kept to yourself.





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There isn’t room for the cat or the dog

Not on this lap of busy tap tap tappin’


Rappin’ out some drivel on the keyboard

indenting the couch with my full form


My norm these days is to flop here

let my new appendage settle on my thighs


Besides, I’ve grown into the habit of it

the good, the bad, and ugly of it


Shit, it’s gonna take root in me

parasitic cyberspace plastic meld


Held here in my lap for the taking of me

while I tap tap tap the life of me in words


Assured that the games I play with addiction

after I lay my life down in reams


Dreams of success for my layers of giving

sitting here tap tap tappin on my laptop


Can’t stop the addictive flow just yet

the cat and the dog will have to wait


Fate has nothing to do with this habit

it’s my way of goin’ out and comin’ in


Hidin’ from the barrage of mental chatter 

that needs distraction’s gift in the tappin’


That happens right here, right now

layin’ my life out to you





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