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How are your choices bringing you to being accountable to your life?

What will bring more ‘luster’ to your life?

What are you needing to share that you have been holding back?


More questions….  Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Does perfectionism get in the way of getting things done?  Are you missing your Joy?  Are you putting obstacles in your way that keep you from feeling the creative flow of life? Do you know your ‘heart’s desire’? Are you experiencing your ‘heart’s desire’?  Are you getting what you need?  Do you feel you are enough just as you are?  




A little self promotion.  I’m going to be stepping into doing this work and I wanted to share that with you and see if you know anyone who might need my services.  Thanks.


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Polish up your life

buff it to a shine

make it feel so good

could you all the time?


The Way is always open

it waits for you right now

what happens inside you

shows you the Way how


Distraction wants of you

away from heart’s desire

if it’s not joy you follow

What happens to your fire?


Polish up your life

buff it to a shine

make it feel so good

you have enough time


If now is all you have

If now will set you free

yesterday is history

tomorrow is yet to be


Perfection is imperfect

right can be often wrong

if overwhelm is haunting you

find a simpler song


If time is what you think you need

If time is not enough

There is alway plenty of time

to give your life a shine and buff


Polish up that life of yours

buff it to a shine

Give your life to the feel real good

Know that you have enough time








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