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Good morning.  Have a nice day. 

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Naked, she stumbles to save him 

Words unsaid caught in his throat

A story turning to a blue gag

suffocating him for not speaking


He reaches for her,

arms spread wide

eyes a bulging beg, 

silence screams from him 


Slow motion begins his speechless fall 

Her head a ram rod buries into his belly

The vomit of tangled words spread hot

over her vulnerability blistering


Her love frees him

cradles his story of pain

rocks the pleading beg

from silence’s lonely keep


Forgiveness is a sea 

floats the ship of relation

has harbor from love’s storms

Dives deep for a pearl of wisdom


They lay soft in whisper

in a ship with torn sails floating

bruised and blistered rowing

finding their way back home 


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9 august 2011   >  21/12/3  >  Universe/hangedone/empress


How can your vulnerability be your power?

Who/what have you left out that needs to be brought in?

What is the difference between what is your weapon, and 

     what is your tool?









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