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Can you embrace the gamble of living life in the moment?

What form does your life have and is it working?

What needs you let it go?


I feel life is often endless questions, that I am busy at finding answers for or brainstorming solutions around.  It can be exhausting depending on the situation or the need to find a solution/answer in a timely manner.  Anyone else experience that?  

The other piece to this questioning process is the expansion of my knowledge, and the questions that lead me deeper into a certain wisdom of the world around me.  Doesn’t mean I have all the answers. It does mean (for me) that I am actively taking responsibility for the world I engage in and that is engages me.  Questioning reality.  Questioning authority.  Questioning where the truth of a situation lives.  Questioning my desires, my wants, my activities, my exchange with others.

I’m a busy girl.  AND… BTW.  I’m not doing this every frickin’ second cause I’d go insane.  Still, It is an active process in my journey in this life.  AND sometimes… I just jump in to an answer or one of the possible solutions and give it a go.  See what happens, cause really;  Life is a Leap of faith and there are many answers to a single question and are they all wrong?  Grab one and see what happens.


!!!  ()   !!!   ()   !!!   ()   !!!   ()


It’s all a leap of faith

a jump into the dark

a leap into the light 

that blinds you 

Is there a difference?


It’s all a leap of faith

a gamble on the rightness

a tease at the wrongness

a moment of free fall



If you have faith 

do you leap into it?

Trust it will hold you

Trust it will set you free

to be…


If you have faith

might it betray you?

say no to your yes

rip away expectation

of a singular belief


That faith has only 

one answer

one possibility

one outcome

one belief system


Faith possesses one

of everything

It is Noah’s Ark

It is the jump

the leap

the gamble

the quest

the hope


That faith is out there

held by someone, 









Have Faith in yourself





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2 responses to “FAITH’S LEAP

  1. Mark

    Excellent Jeannie. Thank you for this gift today.


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