“If you believe it you will see it”


11  August 2011   >   14/5   >   Alchemy/Hierophant


What seems impossible that you can make probable?

What’s your next step?

How will you serve your spiritual life?


The heat breaks at last.  Let me just say… YIPEE!.  I am not lover of hot n’ humid.  I slept like a baby last night; windows wide open, the night sounds of cicada and other, other- worldly insects that sing into the deep night.   The smell of summer softens when the heavy heat shifts.  Tho’ I’m not ready for summer to make her exit, I will joyfully welcome the spice of autumn.

 A friend of mine, sent me this in response to a question I asked yesterday.   I share it with you for your own pondering.   And I will ‘steal’ from her, her words for my own making.


“…how to live  “the rest of my life” ? — a question you’ll find yourself pondering more often as the years add up and the days get shorter.  Fate. What is that, Hey?  Good thing Happy Hour’s upon us ~it’s 5:00 Somewhere!”      Thanks Jude.


^^^  —-  ^^^  ___  ^^^  ___  


Ponder the years that add up

Days get shorter with age


Fate calls from over there

Behind the veil of tomorrow


Time is as much as it ever was

A happy hour is upon us


Drink up the moments with joy

Somewhere time is wasted


Find yourself in the question

Be the answer you always knew


Let the ‘rest of my life’ be well lived

Somewhere it’s 5:00 for the celebration


How to live is what we do each moment

“Live well and prosper” * 



*(Vulcan wisdom)




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