BERT N’ ERNIE .. haiku love

12  August  2011   >  15/6   >  Devil/Lovers


How important is it to be loved and give love in return?

What in a relationship are you Not willing to negotiate?

Is it alright for you to accept and acknowledge same gender love?


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I just want to say, I’m sorry Bert and Ernie are not lovers.  Maybe they were just ‘playin’ around’ and discovered they were better friends than sweeties.  Puppet/Muppet gay love; Yeowza.  That sure would be a step in a direction that would open a few closed minds.  Don’t let your door slam shut.

Love is love.  When it finds you and you feel it at the core of your being, why deny it?  There will always be choices to be made how you and other desire to explore and experience Love.  Really, for me, I hope you find love and it finds you with whom ever it feels right with.  It’s how you give and receive love that matters.


Haiku Love


Touch my heart with love

caress my soul in mystery

tease me forever


Leave me sweet love

winter’s chill stole our passion

return to me in Spring


you pass me unknown

I catch the breath of you

I inhale your heart



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