13  August 2011   >   16/7    >  Tower/Chariot


How do you stay present in the moment?

Do you need to get back to your roots?

Have you been focusing on what is important?


Don’t worry if it seems that all communication is delayed or postponed or whatever.  

Don’t worry that your tongue is tangled around the words that you desire to say and it all comes out stupid. 

Don’t worry that your car is acting funny or breaking down.

Don’t worry that it takes frickin’ FOReeever to get to where ya wanna go.  

Don’t worry that everyone is late and so are you.  

Don’t worry that ALL your appliances decided to break down.  

Don’t worry.

Give it up.. Take a Breath.  Cause it’s been Mercury retrograde since the 3rd now and that’s the kinda poo that happens and then some.  This astrological situation, will continue till the 26th.    I know. you wonder what is That GEEZERGirl talking about?  Cause it’s too much to tell you here, I suggest you Google it.  And if you have any questions about it,  write me.  And.. if you think it’s a bunch of balarney, them ignore it all and keep wondering why life is taking it time to get anywhere lately.

I”M just SAyin’…


It’s in this moment here with me

that the future is yet to be 

and the past is history

life is mystery


all ya got’s Now


If it matter what ya did in the past

than darlin’ I suggest you act

appropriately and make amends

cause ya don’t wanna drag that to your end


all ya got’s Now


tomorrow has no face just yet

it doesn’t care it makes no bets

on what you do or which way you sway

tomorrow hasn’t got a thing to say


all ya got’s Now 


so make your Now an act of kindness

stir in the love, have no care-lessness

cause you have the choice of your attitude

I invite you to give life your gratitude


All ya got’s Now

Now is all there is





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