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How will you stand centered between Heaven and Earth?

Do you know that when you take care of your self you take care of others?

HOw will you take care of yourself?



Ho’oponopono, (as I understand it) is an ancient Hawaiian practice that invites you into being fully responsible for everything that is right and wrong in the world.  ANd… to practice SELF forgiveness as a way to heal the world around you.  It is the act of making things right.  Forgiveness being a profound instrument in that healing.

When you notice anger in other, notice where anger lives in you.  When you feel the wages of war are despicable and horrific, notice where that war, that despicable place lives in you.  Notice it, and realize that if you ‘heal’ the anger, the war, the pain, the suffering, within yourself, you help heal the world.

The mantra, the pray that is to be repeated as you make notice of this within you is:


“I’m sorry.  Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.”


BTW… this is a profound way to help heal yourself.  And… I do believe it heals the world.  I invite you to take notice, and try it.


I have not read anything that speaks to what is already ‘right’, in Ho’oponopono, and how that might also be honored and held within the same elements of responsibility and prayer:  the goodness that  is part of this thinking,this believing, this spiritual practice.  If I am responsible for all that ‘is’ expressed around me and in the world: I believe it is equally important to honor the joy and profound goodness and kindness that is also reflected in the world around me.  When I see joy and kindness,  where does that live with me, and how might I honor it?  How might I spread all that pleasure through me and around me?

With this said… I have made a prayer/manta to it.  

Taking a moment to inhale into all that goodness and allowing it to fill me up. Saying a prayer to myself, a mantra that goes like this:


I am grateful for this joy.  

Please make me a conduit of kindness.   

I love you.  Peace be with you. Thank you.


I am grateful for this joy

Please make me a conduit of kindness

I love you.  Peace be with you. Thank you


I am grateful for this joy

Please make me a conduit of kindness

I love you.  Peace be with you.  Thank you


Below are a couple of sites that tell you about Ho’oponopono.  What do ya think?  To Forgive and love what is within you, gives forgiveness and love to the world.  






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