15  august 2011   >  18/9   >  Moon/Hermit


What do you notice that keeps cycling back into your life?

Are these patterns working for you?

What might need you to shine a bit more light on it?


~~~~  !!!   ~~~~   !!!   ~~~~   !!!   ~~~~   !!!


I was sure I had your number

not the one you gave me

scrawled on that shred of paper


I was feeling all insightful

watching you, tallying you up

feeling out what you evened up to.


How to add up what I noticed

into some value that felt equal

to our exchange sitting here ..talking


No obvious subtractions totaled 

you had it all, your song was up

I felt the silent roar of ‘Bingo’


I had my numbers all in a row

      for you

 ()  ()  ()  ()  ()  ()  ()  ()  () 


I like to add words up.  What I mean by that is this:  every word (from a numerology point of view) has a value and thus an insight-full meaning.   Here’s how you do it….

1      2      3      4      5      6      7      8      9

a      b      c      d      e      f      g      h      i

j      k     l       m      n      o      p      q      r

s      t     u       v      w      x      y      z 


I know… what do all those numbers mean anyway?  Of course, I say.  google it.  AND… here is a super brief, coupla word descriptions of each number.  Remember,  the brevity of this is ridiculous.



1  ….  it’s about you. and the singularity of things. Independent/ pioneering

2 …..  an exchange/intuitive/one on one/visionary

3 …..  inclusive/exclusive.  Charming, creative, a little sexy

4 …..  order/form/structure/steady/stable

5 …..  getting outta the box/resource-fullness

6 …..  relationships with self and other/harmony/service to others

7 …..  insightful/introspective/quiet/meditative

8 …..  wealth/divine order/materialistic

9 …..  Completion/bringing the pieces together/compassion


In numerology there are several ways to go about this.  I am keeping this simple, adding up of the numbers in the word and not messin’ with the rest of it. If I haven’t lost you by now I certainly will if I go deeper.    You will want to take double digit numbers to a singularity as you will see I have done below.


SO…  let’s take the word ‘NOW”  (one of my favs)  5 + 3 +5 = 13 which adds to  >

1 + 3 = 4  4 is the number of….go take a look up there.    What does that tell you about ‘Now’? When you are fully present in the ‘Now’ you  are….  how cool is that?


Let’s try ‘Dog’… I love them.  4 + 6 + 7 = 17 which equals 1 + 7 = 8.  Us dog lovers know that a dog is a wealth of goodness and certainly hold the key to the divine order of things, which for me would be Unconditional love.  Right?  oh.. Dog spelt backwards is… God.  mmmm?


OK… one more and then you can have a go at it and add up names and things like crazy and find out stuff about them..

“LOVE’   3 + 6 + 4 + 5 = 18 > 1 +8 = 9  (today is a 9 day)  Love brings completion and compassion.


L O V E    I S    A L L    T H E R E    I S

3+6+4+5  + 9+1  +1+3+3  + 2+8+5+9+5  + 9+1  =   74  = 7+4  =  11  =  2



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  1. Linda C

    WOW – insightful!


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