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16 august 2011   >  19/10/1  >  Sun/Wheel of Fortune/magician.


How bright do let yourself shine?

What edges of your life need a little pushing?

What does magic look/feel/taste/smell like?


Since I, “got your number’ yesterday, I was wondering whose/what number you got? 

EDGES…  5+4+7+5+1 = 22   

22 is considered a Master number and is not added up any further:  as are all the numbers that do that double up thing.  11/22/33 etc.

Master numbers reflect a higher vibration of the number they represent.  So, in the ‘22’ which adds to a ‘4’ ups that form, stable, solid, order, of things to being a Master Builder.  When the ‘22’ is at its best expression, it speaks to good leadership, disciplined, self confident, the realization of goals and the ability to inspire.

Imagine that the word Edges, holds that energy, that vibration.  Just imagine that and get to know your edges.

 ~~~~  ^^^  ~~~  ^^^   ~~~   ^^^   ~~~   ^^^ 

Edges are every where

 hard and defined

 round and soft

 blurred, questionable

 they get pushed


Edges can give boundaries

 defined and hard

 soft and round

 questionable, blurred

 they get pushed


When edges get pushed

they can cut, slice, slash

away at old ways

they can slash, slice, cut

you in pieces for the trying


Edges are like that

except when you don’t push

don’t shove, don’t test

don’t tease at your edges

to find out where your center is


To know your edges is to know 

 where to stand centered

 where to feel centered

 where to be centered

 within the edges of you


Edges are everywhere

 They give boundaries

 They get pushed

 soft, round, hard, defined

 questionable, blurry


Know your edges

is to know your center






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