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How important is your accountability to your life?

What makes you feel vulnerable and how do you use it as a strength?

What needs ‘sorting out’ that might require you to ask for help?


Sippy the coffee.  Did anyone do ‘the numbers’ for their name?   Your name holds the concepts of ‘Heart’s desire’ or your Soul’s Urge  (not necessarily how you might chose your own ‘heart’s desire), your inner dreams , and your expression and tasks  of the vibration of your life,   

Vowel…total the Soul’s Urge.   Consonants total your inner dreams.  Vowels and consonants total your expression.

So… total those vowels, and consonants and see what you get.  Feel free to contact me if you want my impute.

Oh n’ BTW… use the name you were given at birth.  Then go have some fun with the name you go by or have shortened.  See what happens.


Todays Poem…  3 * 4 * 7


Jibber Jabber talk it up

Chatty Cathy fills her cup


Likes to play have some fun

Number 3 is never done


Then there is that need for form

Structure, order, is the norm


Get it done, be well known

number 4 can conform


Add it up then you get

a search for meaning that will fit


Wisdom found in all that is

number 7 seeks life’s biz


There ya have it, my claim to fame

Cause I had some fun with the number game


Isn’t this poetry just sweet

everyday I give a treat


I think it’s more for me

these words I lay here for you to see


and then again I don’t know

I kinda want my words to grow


Into something that makes you think

digs you deeper into this ink


that lays the metaphor for you to ponder

to consider…your not lost when you wander


deeper into what you seek

find your joy in wisdoms keep


I gotta go, I really do

or I will be rambling on to you


way to long.





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