You know that kind of thunder that rolls from as far away in one direction as your ear can stretch and you not only hear it’s rumble coming, you feel it start to build in your body fast?  It’s a quickening  tremble, that by the time it reaches your whole body with a crack and boom it’s already moving away with it’s lightening speed off in the other direction.  The rumble lessens, and the body races to release the hold of that thunder as it shivers through all your cells and bones.  It’s a hell of a way to wake up.

  Mostly, I like the storm, the torrent of it that shakes and shift within me.  There is something about Nature’s clap and boom, the jagged slice of light in the sky, and the shedding of all those tears that can have a hold on me emotionally, and physically.  I can give myself to the need of that release and feel when it’s over, the calm and fatigue that is left after emptying my sky and laying my drama on the Earth.  The storm passes and if there is debri left behind, you go pick it up.



18 august 2011   >  21/12/3  >  universe/hangedone/empress


What does the experience of surrender feel like/look like/smell like?

Are ready to look at life from a new perspective?

What kinda fun and pleasure can you give yourself today?

 * * * * *  *  < >  * * *  * * * * * 


thunder my landscape

lay lightening across my sky

tears meant for shedding

         * * *

tremble my body

storm vulnerability

light my path back home

        * * *

open up the clouds

empty my grey sky falling

moisten my greening

         * * *

release in the give

the give is your reception

celebrate your gift




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2 responses to “STORMY HAIKU

  1. I love it! Real Haiku. Nice Haiku. Love the first one especially.


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