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I like the feel of quiet that lays on a morning lake.  A bit of golden sparkle from the rising sun, the slow float of swans, and early morning fishermen waking the lake up.  I think.. The lake, does it ever really sleep? Does it just go all quiet in the dark blanket of night letting it’s inhabitants have their rest?

Early, a.m. on Lake Fenton.  The Sun is just hitting the tree line,rising it brilliance, calling the day to have life’s offerings.  It has just hit my eyes with a stab of orange light filtered through the poplar in front of the deck.  I can’t look at it with out it blinding me.  It hits the water and sends a blaze across the lake directly over my body.   I’m going to pause here and let it in….The call of a Canadian goose moves me from my revery. 

It’s my dear niece’s birthday today. 17, with life ablaze and calling her to live it.   I dedicate this day to her magnificence and the pleasure of being in her life, watching  her unfold with intelligent grace, and a sassy sense of humor.  Look out world she’s a coming to get ya.

!!!!    ****    !!!!    ****    !!!!    ****    !!!!    ****

Golden shining child of my heart

Your sun rises to meet life 

Cast your light out over calm seas


Fill the sky with brilliance

Wake the rhyme of life

In lyrical celebration


Innocence still moves your days

Caresses the edges of your wonder

Pulls you deeper into yourself


Sends you further out to the beyond

To find the you that is meant to be

Rising to the Sun’s call


Golden shining child of my heart

Live life to Love’s call

Be your best self.



19  august 2011   >  13/4/0  >  death/emperor/fool

What does letting go of that thing that you need letting go of, keep you from letting go?

Do you have your life in order?

What might happen if you just let yourself get all silly and act the fool?

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