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In my Now, everything is historical

Yesterday is a done deal, finished

there is no going back.

I can reflect on it,

I can remember my feelings

my thoughts, my actions

I can wallow in it

savor it…I can make it

more of my today than

what might give my today 

a chance to be what it has 

the possibility to be.


and… yesterday is history

it’s a done deal, bye bye,


it may linger.

 it may nag at my mind.

 It may try to hang on to my attachments 

 it may do whatever I think it might

I can’t take back what I gave yesterday

 what I said, what I did, how I felt.

yesterday has all that and then some


yesterday is history

it’s a done deal, bye bye.


Which isn’t to forget, that yesterday

had it’s gifts, it pleasures, it conflict.

All my yesterdays carry all of me

in the wave, the wind, the passion of life.

 I didn’t lose any of that.

I didn’t lose myself in yesterday

and I can explore right now

as it is… a new now, a moment

in today.


just that yesterday is gone,

a done deal, see ya later, bye bye.


and right now,I get to do what 

I did  24 hours ago. 

Write about yesterday, and

the bye bye of it 

the see ya later  to it

and give yesterday a farewell



20 august 2011  >  14/5  >  Art/alchemy/Hierophant


How might you play with your imagination?

What is it to be spiritual?

Is there something that you desire to learn and have been putting it off?


Today I start a flash fiction writing contest with many other people.  I must write a very short story, no more than 1,000 words.  I have been given a genre, a place, and an object to place in the story.  I have until midnight, Sunday, to finish it and send it out to them.

They have given me… Historical Fiction to happen in an ice cream shop, and a fax machine.

The fax machine throws me right off.  I’ll figure it out.   I mean, how far back do ‘fax’ machines go?  mmmmmmmm





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