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Slept like a baby.  I tired myself out writing that dang story.  For those of you that read it, I welcome feedback.

I’m glad to fall into a poem this morning.  Soften my edges a little.  


I dreamt of you last night

rare to do I hold another to my dreams

faces are often blurred in

the vividness of my sleep stories


there you were, the same

just the same even in my dream

I wanted you different

just the same as I did awake


I dreamt of you last night

wanting the impossible dream

of you and me and life

melding cohesively


there you were the same

your charm not withstanding

the barrage of changes 

that would give togetherness


I dreamt of you last night

I gave into the memory lost

to my wakefulness

pleasured in the charm of you


there you were the same

I let that be.


22  august  2011  >  16/7  >  tower/chariot


How do you define ‘power’ and how do you use yours?

What do you ‘stand’ for?

What holds you grounded and stable?


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