These cooler nights give me great sleep.  Windows wide open.  The sounds of the owls and bugs making their varied songs in the darkness.  It’s  a melody that soothes me.


!!!!    ****m    !!!!    ****m    !!!!    ****m    !!!!    ****m



Stagnation has no where to linger

No moss grows on my rolling stone


Alone is not where I thought to be 

Tho’ change shifts the perspective


Reflective on what moves me to here

With these choices that give change


Rearrange the family home

Keep sacred what holds to eternity


Our fraternity is til’ dust

Kin-Forever is our family name


No blame brought us here

Differences challenge the essential


Potential now has space renewed

Possibilities live in every breath


Death brings renewal’s call

Space is made for new moments


Portent of things to come

Till dust we will find our way.


with love….


23  august 2011   >  17/8   >  Star/balance/justice


Are you too accommodating?

How do you imagine your connection between ‘heaven’ and Earth?

What  do you do to make your world balanced and fair?




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