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Lots of fun last night with my friend Martha.  Watch it when you get more the two girls together cause it can get mighty loud when they start brainstorming.       How does the name  Pick and POsh, sound for a vintage, ‘shabby chic-ish’ shop in a little town??? I’m liken it.

Sippy the fiend… Big yawn… aaaaht… there, isn’t that nice?


There is pleasure in finding treasure

Pickers delight in the sight of a good find

Seekers, quest for the best


Some junk is someone else’s funk

I take the funk and make it good junk

Price it right for someone else’s delight


It’s in the blood being part of this club

day trippin’ for some good pickin’

feeds the hunt for worthy junk


A couple bucks might give you luck

A big offer to fill your coffer

Giddy and high on the junker’s buy


It ain’t no lie this this junker high

It’s a  good drug to feed the bug

that itch and need for the feed


It’s not the Holy Grail in my pail

a quest none the same is this game

a desire to find what leads to the divine


It’s a Junker’s game making claim

on that pot of gold you’ve been told

waits at the end of a rainbow.


27  august  2011    >  21/12 /3  >  Universe/Hanged One/Empress


What is it that motivates and moves you get up and on with you days?

What are you doing that makes your life fluid?

If not now, When?





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