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28  august  2011   >  13/4/0   >  Death/Emperor/Fool


What does the ‘foolish’ you look like and do?

If.. Now is all there is, What does your now look/feel/see/taste like?

What needs organizing in your house?


Irene has me held in awe.  A Hurricane that big is beyond impressive.  I send my prayers and visualize that the damage done is not nearly as hideous as was prepared for.  OH>>> and what is the deal with calling all those storms by women names?  




Annie was a sharpshooter

she shot what need come down

Belle Star was an outlaw

she went from town to town


Calamity Jane loved her fighting

kick ass because she could

Durga was invincible

took out the Devil where she stood


Elektra ninja warrior

wields her bladed sai

Freyja’s fertile blessings

counts the dead each and every day


Grainne was a Pirate Queen

a vast she holds her treasures

Hecate, Queen of Magic

sees witchcrafting as a pleasure


Ishtar, courtesan to the Gods

sexed her way through many wars

Jeanne d’ Arc a peasant warrior girl

led by God’s highest words


Kali is eternal change

She never fears her darkness

Luna rises in the night

gives shadow to the huntress



A to L is all I’ll do today

there may be more tomorrow

I can’t promise more stormgirl poems

depends what my brain can borrow




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