I left my whining till the end of this mornings sharing.


Storm Girls


Lilith said no to Adam

Her ribs were all her own

Mata Hari danced seduction

spyed between her moans


Nancy Drew solved teenage mystery

she storm from page to page

Olive Oil was Popeye’s darling

skinny love was all the rage


Patty Hearst took to liberation

tho’s she was stolen from her home

Q sits between P and R

with out her they stand alone


Rapuntzel had her hair issues

thanks heavens they saved her life

Sooky Stackhouse gave true blood

to vampires a chance to bite


Trinity wove through the Matrix

Kick some serious ass

Uhura trek across deep space

Enterprising Shatner’s grasp


Vivian Lee gave life to Scarlett

took Tara down in flames

Wonder Woman was quite the gal

Put Superman right to shame


Xena, Warrior Princess

I wanted to dress like you

Yemaya Goddess of Sea

you are a deep sear tour


ZsaZsa was a beauty

Claimed Hollywood for her fame

I am Jeanie Beanie

tis the end of my girly game



29 august 2011   >   14/5   >   Alchemy/Art/Hierophant


What Impossible thing will you do today?

What wisdom do you need to call forth?

How will activate your creativity?

Are you kiddin’ me?


 Three more days till I move.  My body is rebelling.  It’s a little cranky.  Can I just say… DAMN?  What?  Why of course I can say what I please.  haahhaa.   There are other choice adjectives that slip out between my lips that I will refrain from sharing here.  Like when I dropped the edge of the chest of drawers on top of my foot.  Yep… and then when a box of books had it’s unpleasant way with my shin.  OH… and… how about the glass that exploded in my face.    Aren’t you glad you asked?

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