31 August  2011   >  16/7   >   Tower/Chariot


What are you building that is rooted to the goodness of your life?

How much is too much?

What are you ready to do that must be done?



HOuses hold memories.  They hold lives and things of importance. They give shelter. “HOme is where the heart is” is a  truth that embodies a tenderness to safety and security.  If the heart is open a home flourishes and the walls pulse with warmth and goodness.  The smell of love comes from the kitchen oven served family style.  

When I leave my home tomorrow to fill another home with my life, my stuff, my heart; it will be with the hope that these walls that have housed me for 10 years will hold some special essence that I gave to it.  That I leave behind my love and care held to these rooms I have shared. The is here. I am sad.


Home is where heart is

heart sits in a sea of salt

I see the shore line


No sadness like loss

left behind to start anew

Sun will kiss again


my breath is in here

all walls know of my essence

wild wind coming


Endings, beginnings

birth always leads to a death

space is made again


Love didn’t leave the home

it took flight out the windows

it’s a heart shaped cloud





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5 responses to “LEAVING HOME

  1. Linda C

    Wishing you all good things as you follow that heart shaped cloud, and all the other every-so-fluffy fabulous-ness ahead!


  2. Hi Jeanne,

    Lovely blog. I did a year of poetry last year in college and it was one of my favourite classes.
    Not easy – but a great challenge to learn how to write it!

    Keep blogging!

    Móna (Barbs friend in Ireland)


  3. This is sweet, very nicely expressed, and I can relate much: when I leave a place that has held sacred times for me I usually get on my knees and thank God for the walls, and thank the walls for being so good to keep me for awhile!


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