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30  sept  2011   > 16/7   <    Tower/Charioteer


Are you feeling burdened by all your stuff?

How might you focus on what makes a positive difference in your life?

Do you know where your mind is?


EARLY… Wat?  Yep… Dang…  That about sums that up for me on this last morning in Sept. 2011.  And the coffee just finished brewing.  Excuse me a minute….  sippy the coffee.


~~~~      *****     ~~~~     ****     ~~~~


Posed at the keyboard waiting

baiting the daily drivel to line up

and give herself up to the muse


Lose the inhibitions of the right way

to lay a moment on to paper

Allow any way to be the voice


Choice matters to consequence

Consequence will have her say

as is the nature of one to the other


I wonder of the intent of  poetics

my critic banter suffers the heart

it starts the low hum of discontent


The relent pushes at negative emotion

gives the notion that these words matter

as they gather momentum for the giving


Living for the lyric to find me 

Be the creative tool posed and ready

Steady as I go in my streaming


Dreaming the dream into being

feeling the muse in her Siren best

Test the way words weight on paper


Savor the fall into space..

















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29 sept  2011   >  6/15   >   Lovers/devil


How do you feed what you love?

What determines the health of your relationships?

How does ‘be-devilment’ serve you?


yawn… sippy the coffee.  laid around in the bed forever today.  WOw.  I feel lucky.  woke up went back to sleep, woke up, went back to sleep.  I guess I needed that.

I’m using a prompt from my on line writer’s group this a.m.  cause it’s irresistible and I must.  Here is the quote that Jill sent us to use for the prompt.  

Aimee Bender wrote “I loved my brother, but relying on him was like closing a hand around air.”  Is this a great quote or what?  What does closing your hand around air feel like?  Imagine…

 ~~~~~   *****   ~~~~~   *****

I hold the air in my left hand

I don’t bother to tighten my grip

I don’t bother to close my hand

There is no need for that

There is no reason for that

Air is everywhere.

Filling and floating

giving of itself freely


The wider I spread my hand 

The more air I can hold

The more expanse the air has

To come and go as it pleases.

Still, and always full in my hand

I bury my nose in my palm

Give a big inhale gathering the air

Up into my lungs filling me with 



And still, my hand is full of air

I find it all very comforting

To imagine the hold air has on me

To imagine holding the air as if I could

Keep the breath of it even in my lungs

Because without it filling every space

Siting lazily in my cupped hand

Like it is right this moment

There would be no breath 

For the Life of us.

Even with my fist clenched 

I can not suffocate this air

This life force held here

In my outstretched hand



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28  sept  2011     >5/14   >   Hierophant/Alchemy/Art


How many ways do you consider yourself a creative being?

What gets in the way of your being a creative being?

How will you get out of the ‘stuck’ box you’re in?


I don’t where the entire year has gone.  How about you?  Summer was a hot mess and not enough of the glory of how lovely it can be.  Fall, my fav’ season is coming into her colour this week.  Harvest time is full on.  I wish to enjoy the changes before Winter rolls on in and takes over.


So… if you read that bit of flash fiction yesterday, I’d love to hear some feed back.  Don’t be shy.  I’m experimenting.  Really, this whole dang blog is an experiment and an opportunity to indulge the poet that I feel I am.  All rough drafts and one day, I hope to gather a few of my favs and do a little poetry book.  oooooooo…


~~~~~   *****     ~~~~~     *****    ~~~~~


She sat at Creativity’s gate

outside, crossed legs, hopeful

She sat there while others 

walked passed and through

reciting poetry, carrying the

colour wheel as a banner,

singing celestial songs


She knew those songs by heart

poetry was the language of her soul

She was a living rainbow

and there she sat outside

Creativity’s Gate  

crossed legs

hopeful… waiting


It wasn’t invitation only

There wasn’t a specific hostess

fame wasn’t necessary or needed

being good or bad didn’t matter

there was no protocol at all

Just a gate that had a sign

that said… Creativity.


She sat there meditatively posed

A satchel of trinkets and pens

and a little blue leather journal

filled with her soul’s words

She watched the world pass her by

through the floral gate to her 

destination’s call.


 And call it did right to the core of her

Right to the very soul of her

sketched and etched in the little blue 

leather journal  that held everything

and nothing that was all about her.

All about everything and nothing.

Music filled the wind and her voice


Her voice caught the harmony of it All

She stretched and rose to to greet the Song

Gathered her cherished satchel and 

soul-full words as if in a trance

She passed through the gate with the

sign that said Creativity 

She was rainbow of words spoken

dancing for the life of her.













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 27  sept  2011    >  0/4/13   >   Fool/emperor/death


Do you give yourself the freedom of taking a risk?

What needs your organizing skills?

Can you rid yourself of what you don’t need?


aaaahhh… No pummel of acorns.  No wind to bullet them to my roof.  yipppee.  Sleep was deep.  I wake up with a calm that I haven’t had for awhile.


So… I’m in this flash fiction writing contest.  In 48 hours, I had to write a 1,000 words or less with the three prompts we were given in my group. My genre; Sci-fi.  the place: a bar.  the object that I had to put in the story: a flashlight.  These three thing had to happen.   I share you with you the story I wrote and then I give you a  haiku that I hope pulls the story together in some way.  READY?


                    THE OTHER SIDE OF VOID

  A scientist must get help from a despicable alien race, so he can travel through absolute deathly emptiness to gather ‘Gid’, an antidote for a bio-epidemic that makes all females infertile.

~~~~~   ***

There was no hiding my identity in the cold blackness of Chaos Edge, the last bar before the X12 black hole. A flat grey moon hung above as Rio and I entered.  I could see the searing green blue eyes of the Yaz stare at us. The smell of sulfur spit and skunk ass gagged me. I had put my contact spots on to see in the pitch black, my mini flashlight tucked up the sleeve of my bio-suit. Not that I wanted to look at these aliens with their seeping folds of flesh and faces that were all mouth with teeth like little yellow razors. Not the prettiest race of alien life I had ever seen, and then there were their eyes; pools of Casimer emeralds, a sea, beautiful and dreamy, that pulled you into enchantment if you didn’t watch out.  The Yaz are Black Hole trackers and know the Void like no one else.  To my knowledge the Yaz are the only race of humanoids that can navigate a black hole with out madness being the outcome.  Not to mention death.


The X12 was the most direct route to Ferros Giddian and the only place in the multi-galactic continuum that grew Gid, a fragile fern that floated through the toxic atmosphere of Ferros.  Gid was the only known antidote for the FaxDax bio-epidemic that was neutering all birth-bearing women in five of the Terra16 Galactic region. No children; no future. I was the discovering scientist, and galactic linguist who volunteered to gather this fern with my small team of professionals. The Yaz were a necessary component, and the biggest obstacle to our success.


The fetid breath of one of their females licked up my face, her eyes were a Siren’s sea.  I stared at her gapping mouth as she spoke.


“What brings you here White Blot?  What charms might you desire of us?”


I complimented her dazzling eyes and sniffed her neck, as was her custom.  She reciprocated with a wet nozzle and gasp. I said through a gag,


“I am Salvo, a White of Terra16, here to negotiate our way to Ferros Giddian.”


“Of course you are, all you white blots desire the no-edges of Black-Holeness.  Feel the void float to nothingness.  Find death’s door open.  But why Ferros Giddian?  Despicable place.  Hideous stench.”


Being encapsulated in the putrid air and slim of Chaos Edge brought a smile to my solemn mission; making me wonder what could possibly smell worse then this.  I said loudly,


“Gid, we come for Gid.”


Raising the decibel and expanding twice her size she said,

“Gid? GID?”


My body shuddered with the violence that poured out of her hellhole and her spit of sulfur burnt my face.  I wiped off the sting of it.


I imagined myself a giant Dragoon vomiting hell fire and said 



A slash of silence filled the bar as the deep sea of all the Yaz’s eyes caused me to look to the floor for fear of drowning.  I tried to pull Rio up from his knees, but he was unprepared and melting. It had been the risk he took.  I aimed my flashlight to the ceiling. The spray of white light forced an explosive moan from all their gapping mouths. The tsunami of their eyes went out. The white light danced on the ceiling to the rhythm of their pain.


“Put it out… put out that light you despicable White Blot.  How dare you?  I will swallow you whole and push you out dead.


I flicked the light out to show my willingness to compromise. In the zip of silence, I bellowed,


“Without Gid my planet will die out as will yours.  Gid is the cure for the virus that is neutering our females.  It will invade you soon.  Going through X12 is our chance of survival.”


There was no turning back now.  Rio was dying and I was in the yellow pus of them with my only weapon, a battery life away from extinction.  The rising roar of them throbbed through my protective bodysuit.  Much more and I would implode along with Rio.  There was no giving help to him.


“What do you say then?”  I manage to holler; catching the ear of the female next to me.


A hum fell with the raise of her hands. Their sea closed and I took a breath.   The yellow scum of their curiosity covered me. When their eyes finally opened, her mouth could have swallowed my face whole.  I closed my eyes letting the stink of her cascade through my exposed skin. Receiving her was the only way into her.  I could feel the wave of her roar as she said,


“There is a knowing of the travel of this virulence. The edges of us feel the invasion in far distant galaxies. Too far.  Too far.  Gid is poison. Ferros Giddian makes this darkness seem brilliant to eye as yours. There is no courage in the gathering of this death you seek Salvo White.”


“Death to find life SheWho. Will you take us through the emptiness for the sake of your unborn?  Get us there and we will harvest the Gid.”


“There is nothing in this for us.  We bear our children well. And, we do not like you. Leave us White Boy Salvo. No time for this.  You have made bond with me thus we give you fair pass. He is ours.”


I walked to the body of Rio.  I laid my hands to his final heartbeat, breathed his soul into my body with a quiver, and walked out into the flat grey moon.  I could feel the renegade YazI waiting.


~~~~~     *****     ~~~~~


Travel through the void


feel death’s empty crush gather


Keep your love light on




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26  sept  2011    >  21/12/3    >  Universe/hanged one/Empress


What crossroad are you at and what way will you choose?

If you are upside down, what does the world look like?

What/whom have you excluded that you might re-consider?


Battered, bombed, pelted… Oh My… The old, extraordinary tall Oaks that make their stand in my yard are releasing their Acorns with the help of mad little squirrels.  Imagine a hail of golf balls pummeling your roof with every gust of rainy wind.  I MEAN… Pummel, batter, bomb.  Sleep was near impossible. It was clear that my bedroom had a target directly positioned above my head.  This is a first for me.  Bastards.

Thanks for listening.

~~~~    !!!!    ~~~~    !!!!    ~~~~    !!!!


The trick is in the ‘Old Dog’

they learn well if they have too

Days of jumping through the fire hoop

catching the toss in the air

rolling over for some idiot’s want

that maybe gone, ignored, dismissed

certainly executed in a new way.


Old Dogs sit, roller over, catch the ball

they like their food and drink

Some play well together, some don’t

Some will lick you all over if you let them

Some will nip your ass hard for a fight

Some will bring you the daily news

Some will bring their old chewed bone


Old Dogs want new tricks

keeps them young, limbered up

rough n’ ready for a new day

Sasses their curiosity up a notch

gives a wink to a pretty girl

a smile to a handsome man

dresses up their interior with some color


There is a trick in that Old Dog

waiting for you to toss them a bone

waiting for you to remember their youth

waiting to charm a smile out of you

waiting to jump through one more fire hoop 

waiting for you to notice they ain’t dead yet


Teach an Old Dog a new trick and

see what happens.









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25  sept  2011  >  20/11/2   >   Judgement/strength/priestess

                                                                                     Rachel and Momma Di 

What does accountability mean to you?

How do you look beyond what you can see?

What counsel would you give yourself that you give everyone else?


AAAaaaahhh.  and what a beautiful day yesterday was.  Rachel and Andy are wed and blissin’ out.  Tho’ I am not a marryin’ kinda gal, the tradition of it, from it roots of ownership of a woman to a man,  I honor the want and desire for ‘till death do you part’.   For me… till death do we part is kinda gonna happen no matter what.  I Do love the ritual and celebration of being witness to two people’s love.  It’s a beautiful thing.  And what is not to love about a ‘love fest’?  Love Shack .. baby Love shack..


~~~~~    ********     ~~~~~       ********


Simmer your love

let the brew of togetherness 

gently bubble down to forever


What ever forever means


Stir the pot of questions

let them rise to the surface 

for the giving of your answers


What ever your answers might be


Walk the Path of honesty

without it there is  no trust

between the spaces of questions


Whatever those questions are


Dance in the hands of kindness

give of it as if it will be

the last act of giving you do


Whatever it is that you do


If you wander away from love

and your heart aches for salvation


Whatever forever means

Whatever your answers might be

Whatever those questions are

Whatever it is that you do


Love will never leave you








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24 sept 2011   >   19/10/1   >   sun/wheel of fortune/magician


When you shine, how big is your light?

When the wheel of life turns are you centered in it?

How will you see the magic in this day?


RACHEL and ANDY’s wedding day.  Helen’s birthday.  And it has stopped raining.. YiPeE…  The land in ‘cottage country’ in upper Ontario is almost in full colour.  SPEctaCulAr… wow.  Incredible reds.  Dazzling golds, deep pine greens.  I want that SUN to shine alllll over it for this day of celebration.

~~~   ***   ~~~ 

give to life yourself

body, heart, soul celebration

be a joy-rider


shake off discontent

cast away the garb of drab

bloom because you can


relation-ships sail

on seas of vast emotions

choose your harbor well


Wed your life to love

hold sacred love’s everything

be your best self now 


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23 sept 2011      >   18/9   >   Moon/Hermit


What are you hiding that needs to be exposed?

What is the rhythm of your life?

What light have you been following and is it working?


leaving for Canada and Rachel and Andy’s wedding.  Yippee.  And… today is the first full day of Autumn.

It’s rainy and chilly for the long drive.  Hopefully,  that will subside as we make our journey north.  The colors are waving their magic in northern Ontario and I look forward to the feel and smell of this first day of Fall.

 ~~~~~    ****    ~~~~~    ****    ~~~~~

Out of the shadows and into the night

A light caught in the wind flickers to me

I see it in the distance, through the starless dark

It marks my destination.


I have followed this beacon before

 on the shore of my life time it waves to me

a sea of starlight calls one beacon forth

to the north it lights my way


I didn’t get home then lingering here

near this life that holds me to it still

Filled with love and family soul

Old is my journey


I will follow this light home one day

Lay my life down to rest in electric blue

A new me in infinite form everlasting

Dancing a in the hand of God.


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22 sept 2011     >  17/8  >  Star/Adjustment/balance


How do you find balance in caring for yourself?

How do you experience the vulnerability of an open heart?

Can you give up your attachment to being perfect?


There is something about Autumn that pulls my attention to the weather.  It happens in the Spring too, now that I think about it.  It is the transition between the extremes, that I feel.  Autumn begins to pulls me into myself, needing a light wrap around my shoulders when I go out.  The metaphor for me here is the ‘light wrap around’ my essence as I begin the preparation for the quietude of winter.  The ‘Light wrap around’ as I pull the shorter days of  ‘light’ around me.  The going in, the snuggle up; it’s a creative time for me.  I love that.  Anyone else feel that?


Light cloaks on shoulders

Holds the dark days coming white

I Fall into quiet


Serve the season’s light

nurture the land as she gives

Steward Mother Earth


Transition gives call

Alert is the tree to root

listen to your branch


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21 sept 2011    >  16/7   >  Tower/chariot


How do you secure the foundation upon which you rest?

What keeps you focused and grounded in this world?

What ‘calls’ you to take action for betterment of your community?


The first full day of Autumn will lay herself to the land Thursday.  Can you feel her ride on the wind?  Can you feel the smell of her on the Earth?  The leaves are changing rapidly, and the chill in the air has been pushing in for a couple of weeks.  With all the rain, I hope we get a beautiful  Indian Summer.


<< . >>  << . >>  << . >>  << . >>




Summer meets her Autumn

Verdant meets her spice

Harvest meets her plow


Persephone hears the call of her lover

Hades welcomes Spring for his keeping

Demeter weeps.


A day of equality and honoring

of leaving and becoming

A pattern, a circle, a revolution


The season welcomes the call

Gives her gifts of abundance

prepares for rest in the winter white.


Seasons cycle again and again

The greening, the flowering,

the fruit gathered, the silence.


What have you harvested?

What needs doing to give you rest?

What will hold you safe in Winter’s chill?


What seed will you give Persephone, Goddess of Spring, to take beneath the earth to germinate and come to your greening?







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