1 Sept 2011    >    13/ 4/0     >  Death/Emperor/Fool


What leads you to transform your life?

How do you secure the insecure?

Can you rid yourself of the ‘have tos, shoulda, coulda, and affirm what you do do?


This is it. A day for transformation.  Jumping into a new life….Breatheeeee.  Slept my last night in this house.  Giving myself to this moment and then to pulling together the misc. that I need to smooth the move.  Sleep was not my friend but for a very short time.  I love the sounds of the night here, crickets and other singing bugs, owls, a cacophony of late summer songs.  I will miss that.  I will really miss the rhythm of my family structure here.  A big deal.



The lyric of the night sings

fills my anxious heart with peace

There is wonder in being the ‘fool’

who takes but a bag of mystery

and a happy dog out into the night

Wanders beneath the moon and stars

lays her weariness on forest green

letting the sounds of the night

chant a deep sleep to dreaming


and what of the mystery held to this fool

who takes the moments as they come

alert and alive to natures wisdom

bringing loyalty and unconditional

love along with her as her companion?

living in the sensual world 

of intuition and instinct

embracing others with heart open

celebrating each moment as if it is the last


Listening to the lyric of the night’s songs

Wandering beneath starry nights and

following the days of season’s flow

laying on the forest green

dreaming life into being.




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