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What feeds your creative soul?

How do you make water into wine?

How do you lead spiritually?

 ***** note… I didn’t edit till now and I’m sorry for the mess.   I don’t know wat happened.  lol

I’m in the new house.  There were moments of madness and giddiness as the day unfolded and mountains of ‘stuff’ filled the emptiness.  Now making the house my own.

 As goes my life and yours to, we have l a story and maybe one to share another time.  What I know right now…  Is I’m glad to be here.  It is my kinda space.  The first cup of coffee is a good sippy sippy.  I sit here, facing the expanse of southern windows, the sky is grey, and threatening to open and pour, it’s very quiet in this little 50’s sub, and pretty soon my little dog will arrive and find his new home.   I have lots to say and I desire to unpack the gaggilion boxes I have.  GAGGGIliON.  So.. here is a little Haiku from me to you.


The same is different

Different embraces the same

It will rain today


Holy is the name

Breath into the goodness

Hold moments sacred


Be Creation’s tool

Celebrate in mystery

Enough as you are

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