new day

3  sept. 2011    >  16/7  >  Tower/Charioteer


How solid is your foundation, body, mind, and spirit?

What are you willing to give your life too?

Is this a time for pause or a time for action?


and BTW.. I have NO computer access at my home for another week.. yep that’s right… so… I have to seek it else where.

oh.. geezer… yesterday held me to fatigue.  MOving house is unbelievably stressful.  I still feel exhausted.  I’m going to the farmer’s marker after this and find delicious freshness to fill my home.



Re-pattern the pattern

expand the circle of life

stay cool


Harmony is best found now

where it’s always been waiting

in your center


Fear will eat your soul’s work

release victim mentality

give love


In your Breath is all the answers

Breathe into life’s graciousness

exhale gloom


Live as if your life depends on it

roll in the green, dive in the sea

feel joy 


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