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4 sept 2011    >  17/8   >    Star/ Balance/justice


In an unequal and unjust world, how do have/make equality and fairness?

How do you reach for heavens from a stable point on Earth?

Are you willing to make sacred Kindness in your daily life?


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If I believe this and you believe that

where does that place us on the format

of life’s get to-gether?


If you’re over there and I’m standing here

How loud will I hollar for your listening ear

if you can’t hear me?


If I’m at the bottom and you’re at the top

I’m reaching to you and you’re looking up

Will you notice my need?


If you believe that and I believe this

How do we share in like minded bliss

in our differences?


If I’m standing over there and you’re here

How will you share what I need to hear

when I can’t hear you?


You’re at the bottom and I’m at the top

How will down there hold space for what’s up

if the in-between is empty?


What I’m saying is this and a little of that

noticing how beliefs can twist lots of facts

It’s not about right nor is it about wrong

it’s about when we get together to sing the same song


If harmony is to be found among all of us

then seeing the ‘All’ of us is surely a must

If you can’t see in the ‘All’ harmony and peace

How will you be the peace you desire in each

of us that live here together?





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