5 sept 2011    >  18/9   >    Moon/Hermit


How are you ‘waning’ in your night sky?

How does your ‘light’ lead the way?

What three ‘wisdoms’ do you trust in yourself?

 ~~~^^^~~~   ***   ~~~^^^~~~   ***   ~~~^^^~~~


Finding order out of chaos

soothes the heart’s loss

eases the new way home


Shifting out of the clutter

balances the mind’s storm

gives rest to the weariness


Creating new spaces

gives place for possibility

adventure is awakened


Quieting the body and mind

comforts the souls quest

to hear my own breath


Touching the edges

pushing the edges

keeping the edges soft


The center is where it’s at


My Monologue ….. 

I know you’re gonna wanna know this…>>>I bought a very colourful rug yesterday.  As my friends will surely say,  “oh, that’s a Jeanne rug for sure!”   It gives me pleasure to look at it.  It was in the ‘kids’ bedroom zone at Meijers.   HA hahaha.  I Knoooowww, Right?  You wanted to know… RIGht?


The kitty Bebzz and puppy Dorje are roaming the rooms in the new house; especially, Bebzz.  Every new sound sends him in flight through the house to find out what the hell was that.  Dorje, lives by the window, yearning to give one of the mad squirrels a wild chase.  NOt going to happen.

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