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HAIKU 19/10/1

6  sept  2011    >  19/10/1    >   Sun/Wheel of fortune/Magician


How much are you willing to shine and be seen for all your wonder?

In the Circle of Life, where do you stand?

What is magical to you and how do you make it happen?


HAIKU   19/10/1


Sun rises late 

days shorten to the season

Autumn’s spicy coat


The wheel keeps turning

life finds her fortune centered

Circle unbroken


Magic never left

Life is a wand in your hand

Spell with love and joy


~~~   : O  ~~~  ; P   ~~~   : O   ~~~


I just wanna say… How grateful I am for those of you that visit here and how incredibly grateful I am for the life that allows me to find words to share every morning.  I don’t even know how that happens.  LOL…

I invite you to take a few moments to feel what makes you grateful for this life you lead, and to honor your journey.  And… please laugh as much as you can.  peace.. 


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