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When is it important to be “the judge of that”?

How do you ride the ‘wild’ and trust your instincts?

How do you honor your intuition?


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Jagged slits of care-lessness

razor words of thought-lessness

serrate what the heart had cherished


There is disbelief in years of togetherness

that bring a volcanic rupture so seething

Hate would be a reward to the disregard


Power and control have lost to freedom taken

a self seeking to find herself again before the ruin

bearing the anguish of years given selflessly


There is not just one on this path of togetherness

that has not given betrayal a run for the power

There is not just one that finds loneliness in the heart


Words unsaid for decades spill the hot lava

roar through the city of the heart with no regard

Swallow memories with burning breath


No one leaves unscathed in the ruin char 

Bitter black ash lays over hearts once dressed in white

acerbic words curtail wisdom of forgiveness


There is disbelief in years spent together

That words unspoken caustic the heart

leave blood spattered invisible on the walls


So much pain…


leaves jagged slits of care-lessness

slices razor words of thought-lessness

burns deep betrayals heart-lessly

serrate the heart once cherished



 Two more days till I have internet access in my new house.   I will say, that not having TV and internet have made for peaceful evenings and I get to bed before 11.  It has broken my morning ritual of writing and sending this off to my cyberspace blog, and then checking my email, and then reading the news, and then galavanting about the cyber world for a little morning get to know a little about nothing.  Etc.. blah blah blah.  Change is good.  It’s here.. deal with it … Right?




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