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 What happens when your Fire meets your Water and your Earth meets your Air?

What perspective does the Earth of you have to give you?

What creative force wishes to use you as it’s expression?


Enough about me.  HA… Like a blog isn’t all about the writer of it in some way or another.  Right?  Still out of the normal flow of cyber connection and the news about the world in general.  Still, liking some of that, missing some of it, breaking the addiction of it.  It’s all so tied together.  Thanks the heavens for coffee still flowing freely.  Yesterdays words were heavy, inspired by a friend going through anguish.  I’ll try to lighten it up a little.  I think I can.   I think I can.  Waiting for it to happen… tappy the little toes, wait wait wait. Sippy the coffee.  Waiting…

Still waiting….  The Waiting Game


Is there stillness in the waiting? 

 Or, is waiting an active act?

If you wait long enough will ‘it’ happen?


If you’re still, is the waiting more pleasurable?

Or, will you still be waiting till the cowS come home,

Anxious about and within the wait?


Can you really wait for nothing?

Or, is life engaged in various kinds of waiting?

Does that mean that ‘nothing’ is worth the wait?


Is there a length of time that the wait comes to an end?

Does that mean you have waited long enough?

What is long enough to wait?


If you’re still, does that mean you’re waiting?

Or, are you  being still cause you’re waiting?

Does waiting need still-ness to survive?


Can you wait forever for something?

Do want to live a lifetime in waiting?

Why wait for anything?


What does the waiting give you?

Is all waiting worth the wait?

Will you wait to find out?


I’m still not sure about any of this

I was waiting for something to happen

and this is what happened cause I wasn’t

gonna wait for anything else.

I waited long enough.





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