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What if you do it scared?

What if… the impossible is possible?

Can you sit quietly with a perplexing question and allow the answer to come to you?


RAIn… and more rain.  And then some rain.  Did I tell you it was raining?  The day rises with the patter of the rain.  Tho’ I know it’s water logging people, I find the sound of it relaxing, comforting when it’s not performing a thunderstorm drama.   Which I can like too, and that’s a whole different kinda feeling from this early a.m. tapping on my roof.   This poem is about my first neighborly introduction…


~~~~   ***   ~~~~   ***    ~~~~    ***    ~~~~


Long, thin, old woman

her angles bend to see

the passing leaves that

her feet make wake in


A line, invisible stops her

a pivot returns her to another

invisible line,  she stops,

she pivots her repeat 


Head bent in the wake 

of her slow shuffle 

My hello unfolds her reverie

She greets my eyes


A dim light shines 

in the cloud of brown iris

A strip of smile shows yellow

worn of decades lived


A neighborly introduction

her palms of satin silk

caress my welcome hand

her eyes search my face


“I love you”, she says

Her words spill over me

in her satin gloss with

empty eyes searching


I thank her, squeeze the 

silk soft of her ancient hand

She pivots her way to the house

next door with the invisible line




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