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9/11 …. HAIKU

11 Sept 2011   >  15/6  >   Devil/Lovers

 What is the illusion of love?

Can you unchain yourself from the illusion of love?

What is love at it’s purest state of giving and receiving?


Ten years ago the tragedy of  Sept. 11th, filled the world with horror.  It was, for me, beyond comprehension.  There is no where in my heart that I recognize that kind of hate and violence.  Today, I will give myself to the act of seeing in everyone that I meet, pass, think of, the thought and heart that they are my brothers and sisters on a Path of life.  We are a ‘family’ of human-kin.  Even when it’s difficult to imagine that everyone on this planet is connected, we are.  We ALL share the air and the elements that make living here viable.  Goodness and kindness, peace and well-being begins with me.

Can you put aside your crankiness, your discontent, your anger, your politics, your attachment to the ‘right way’, and look to forgiveness and kindness as a way to heal our planet and our relationships????  Will you join me?


~~~~   ^^^   ~~~   ^^^   ~~~   ^^^


All life connects life

breathe the air of your family

Inhale all the love


Forgiveness is choice

laid on the altar of life

love peeks out of dark


Imagine Oneness

you are One of everyOne

Together you Won


Give of yourself love

trick the dark with your lightness

smile at disbelief


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