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 What keeps you grounded and secure in the world?

What needs to be gathered and synthesized for your next plan?

How do you stay focused on what really ‘matters’?  What really ‘matters’?


I will miss the long days.  That is one of my favorite offerings of summer.  It’s easy to linger in the light and be active long into the night.  And… I love this time of year, and harvest.  The air shifts and cools.  It brings the smells of the slow decay  of summer’s bounty.  Colours turn, leafs drop, people gather at the farmer’s market that is now abundant with end of summer harvest.  

My body hears the call of change and I listen.  Autumn will always be my favorite season followed by Spring. I love how I feel with the transitions.  There is this buzz in my cells; an excitement that I find creatively inspiring.  Nature is a wonder in her cyclic journey that she gives to us every year with out fail.  She may not give it to us the way we always want, and she will give and give and give of herself as the planet, the solar system, the massive galaxy that we are but a speck within so deems the giving.

Earth is part of a greater body of galactic spheres and energy that has some say in how the ‘nature’ of things will unfold for us.  We are not simply a pretty planet floating disconnected out here in the Infinity of it All.  Earth needs her solar system, her massive spiral of galactic life to survive, just as we need our organs and cells that spiral and shift within us to survive.  The well being of our little galactic bodies is probably not so much different than that of our solar system.  Another system operating within another system…


“As above, so below.”


Spirals of life interconnected

Galactic orbital spheres aligned

Harmonious rotating for terrestrial life

An atmosphere of gracious blues

As seasonal compliance weaves

Life as you know it.


YOur Sun is the heart of your matter

Your life pumps through it constant

Feeding the galaxy of you rotating

You are an atmosphere of gracious life

Of seasons changing, weaving.


“As above so below” calls you to this knowing

Beckons you to feel the heart of this connection

Without this unity there is no survival.

You are a pattern of life cycling with it ALL

Death gives you back to Infinity’s arms.


No darkness can be seen without her Light

Separation is futile.  Togetherness is destiny

How do you orbit around your heart?




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