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13 sept 2011   >  17/8   >  Star/balance/adjustment


How does taking care of You, help to take care of your family, your community, your work, your faith, humanity, this planet?

How will you take the time to help heal the fear?

How do you adjust to what doesn’t seem adjustable?


sippy the coffee… 


~~~   ***   ~~~  ***   ~~~  ***   ~~~   ***


Liven on the edge

facing the see of me

The tide rolls in

calls me out to sea


My depths are vast

how I feel is deep

I stand at the edge

I put in both feet


So much of myself 

has so much further to dive

naked and vulnerable

I feel so alive


Ready to see 

all the sea of me

a wave comes in

pulls me from reverie


Takes me out to the deep

I’m over my head

A moment of fear

fills me with dread


A dolphin of love

nudges my back

I grip on a fin

become part of the pack


No need to worry

about air in the sea

I can breathe in the depths

face the emotion of me


The edge is for living

I can see all of me

There is no dive to deep

I can swim my whole sea


~~~~   ****   ~~~~   ****

 My cousin, Patrick, has asked me to write some lyrics for him to put to his guitar.  ooooo… I’m excited now.  What do ya’ll think?   I’m thinkin I can do that…RIGHT?  He likes a little Cajun Honky Tonk. mmm?  Well… let me think on that one.

Sippy the coffee time, listening to the squirrels chase each other on the roof.  The acorns fall from Waaaaay high and sounds like little machine gun bullets when then hit.  The squirrels are at heaven’s gate gathering and hoarding.  It’s easy to understand the idea that someone has ‘gone squirrely’ with the way these creatures act as they gather, race and climb all over the place.  I’m not that squirrel girly.



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