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What ‘keeps you up at night’ that you have trouble completing?

What gives you the feeling of enchantment?

How do you shine the light on your shadows?


Yeeeeooown… Feels early.  The dark mornings keep me tired, lazy.  The cat knows what time to mmeeeeow for food and annoy the livin’ bejesus outta me.  So, it is with sleepy eyes that I sit here pondering what bit of life to pour out onto these pages.  Reach for the caffeine, sippy the coffee, yeeeeoooowwn.  My dear friend Kris is on her way here from Kansas to visit and go to our high-school reunion this weekend.  Yep… coupla old broads gonna put on the pretty and show ourselves off to our geezer classmates.  Lots of stories will be told this weekend.


Like who wants this girl?  hahahahaah 



Teenage angst rolls 

across the gym dance floor

Eyes meet yearning, 

blink away shy

Hunger rumbles into want

pushes desire between your legs


New is this cellular hunger

that swoons the enchantment

of hormones flushed to all

your surfaces, 

pounds heat

to your moist parts 


Full with want, heart racing

music pounding in the sex

that rushes up the path 

on the gym floor

 that races up your

quivering legs


You didn’t know 

you had that need

You didn’t know

the all of you that

was desperate for

the press of a dance

from that boy

from that girl

you want

to want you.


The dance begins








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