15  Sept 2011   >  19/10/1  >    Sun/Wheel of Fortune/Magi


How bright are you willing to shine?

How do you keep your body, mind, and spirit agile?

What will you do with your magic wand today?


A coral glow lays a strip across the street as the Sun rises.  Leaves are quiet on their branches.  Autumn tickles their greens, readying for riotous color in the next few weeks.  Light grows soft on this new day.  Sound isn’t quite awake in my neighborhood.  Coffee just finished brewing…   ya’ll know what that means?

Sippy the coffee.  MMmmm.  The first sip is hot,full, dark, a little bitter; sits for a second on my tongue and lingers on the back of my throat.  More… yes please.


“Time is a rubbery thing.”  I have written about it in the not so distant past, 19 April, as a matter of fact, should you be so inclined to go and take a read at it.  There is no doubt for me that time, as I have aged, is slippery and definitely a rubbery thing.  Years, blend, into each other.  My mind bounces on years past, remembering this and a little of that.  I give myself to reminisce halting the time frame cause I don’t exactly remember when.  Not exactly. Wasn’t it just a couple of years ago? NOPE.. it was six years ago.  Wasn’t that a ‘70’s thing?  NOPE…



Time blends into itself

Sagging skin, wrinkled brow

Betrays the time warp

The mirror has no magic


Yesterday’s time truth gone

The body a day older

Calls the now to defend the loss

Earth time will take your ash


youth hangs her mystery

An ethereal coat of reminisce

Lays the heart to disbelief

aA the body gives way to age


Wisdom is the gift of sag

It comes on the wrinkled brow

It can fill the cup overflowing

As we pour out our youth


And so it goes in slippery time

As it blends into itself

Leaving youth inside 

To tickle at the age of us


We don’t get out of this alive






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2 responses to “GEEZER YOUTH

  1. Tamara

    Fills me with love. Thank you for sharing.


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