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How do you feel affected by Earth, Fire, Air and Water?

What’s not working that needs you to give it a new perspective?

What is missing that you need to fulfill your creative life?


Gamornin’  East Lansing.  Old friends flood the psyche with youth’s wanton history. We celebrate each other with out stories of remembrance and a little too much wine and tequila.  There is no doubt that us girls look way better than most of the boys. Sorry guys.  I think it’s our skin care programs.  HAAAAA…

Poems this a.m. are my scrambled morning brain giving to some wandering…


~~~   ***~~~***~~~***~~~***~~~


I remember when 

we became blood sisters

jabbing the needle in our finger

blood drops of teenage passion

fused to our forever kinship


I remember when

we buried our time capsule

dug the dirt hole in the alley

laid our treasures of the heart

for some future incomprehensible


I remember when

teenage love hurt the heart

sobbing the impossible pain

in writhing words of anguish

to ear’s of your best friend



I remember so much

I remember nothing

I remember it all

I remember when


I give my self to the remembering

for history’s rock n’ roll

the tender violent hold

of teenagers that grew old

with all their memories untold

pouring it out between sips of booze


I remember so much

I remember it all

I remember nothing

I remember when..












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