18 sept 2011   >  13/4/0   >   Death/emperor/fool


What old skin needs peeling away?

What gives security to your life?

What foolishness gives you pleasure?


I lost my first entry this a.m.  boo hoo.  so… here I  am hours later and finally at home from a fun filled high school re-union…   I can’t recapture my morning words, gone into the cyber-universe to be reshuffled.


The River Boat Princess took us for a float

down the Grand River for some fun with ol’ folk

from our yesterdays past we told stories galore

some where pure fiction some were of amore


Was no coincidence this river gave flow

to all our history of so long ago

Floating upon our feelings of life

from teenager to geezer, our joys and our strife


Laugher and tears, unity and grace

Some of us were dancing all over the place

We looked darn good for really old farts

Amazed at how life brought us this far


There is something about knowing someone

for 5 decades that where never undone

the music, the politics, the signs of those times

is what brings us together those times that bind


We had lots of fun more now than back then

Pretense is gone and we get the real friend

that layers of life peeled down to our true essence

All the trying to hard doesn’t make sense


What I see as my eyes gather you all in my site

Is the gratitude I feel when I see your pure light

All shiny and new as our first day of school

only now we play by grown up rules


I’ve rambled on with this poem long enough

the geezer girl needs to close all this stuff

later my friends we’ll meet again soon

Sincerely, with love from me to you.




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