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How will you get outta the box?

How can you flow uphill?

What resource do you want to make the best use of?


 The rain gives a calming patter on my roof.  I found it difficult to rise from a prone position and the comfort of my bed; letting the rhythm of it ease me back to sleep.  Up now…Sippy the coffee, lay my words to these pages.


^^^^   ~~~~   ~~~   ^^^^   ~~~~   ~~~~   ^^^^

Days of grey and rain

patter calm to my restless spirit

give quiet to the bright light of living


My sun never ceases to rise or set

flickering always at my center

grateful for a cloud, a burst of rain


The weather of me is volatile

hiding my ceaseless shining

shifting to a wet chill grey


The patter rhythm’s moist welcome

summons the quest for silence

gives my sunny days a rest




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