20  sept  2011   >  15/6  >  Devil/Lovers


Can you take a look around you today and see that you are related to everything you see?

If something is ‘missing’ in your relationship/s where is it missing in you?

Have you been attentive to those you love?

~~~~    ~~~~    ~~~~    ~~~~   ~~~


There is no keeping love away

it will find you moment to moment

it hungers for your reception

it desires  your giving

It is a relentless force ever present 

Love waits for you


There is no where that love isn’t

it doesn’t come by invitation only

it isn’t for only the young

it doesn’t decide the worth of you

it calls your heart to be open

Love waits for you


There is love everywhere all the time

It doesn’t know how to pass you by

or ignore you, or punish you.

it simply is an absolute Truth

of pure radiance and joy

waiting for you to embrace it.


Love waits for you..



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