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22 sept 2011     >  17/8  >  Star/Adjustment/balance


How do you find balance in caring for yourself?

How do you experience the vulnerability of an open heart?

Can you give up your attachment to being perfect?


There is something about Autumn that pulls my attention to the weather.  It happens in the Spring too, now that I think about it.  It is the transition between the extremes, that I feel.  Autumn begins to pulls me into myself, needing a light wrap around my shoulders when I go out.  The metaphor for me here is the ‘light wrap around’ my essence as I begin the preparation for the quietude of winter.  The ‘Light wrap around’ as I pull the shorter days of  ‘light’ around me.  The going in, the snuggle up; it’s a creative time for me.  I love that.  Anyone else feel that?


Light cloaks on shoulders

Holds the dark days coming white

I Fall into quiet


Serve the season’s light

nurture the land as she gives

Steward Mother Earth


Transition gives call

Alert is the tree to root

listen to your branch


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