23 sept 2011      >   18/9   >   Moon/Hermit


What are you hiding that needs to be exposed?

What is the rhythm of your life?

What light have you been following and is it working?


leaving for Canada and Rachel and Andy’s wedding.  Yippee.  And… today is the first full day of Autumn.

It’s rainy and chilly for the long drive.  Hopefully,  that will subside as we make our journey north.  The colors are waving their magic in northern Ontario and I look forward to the feel and smell of this first day of Fall.

 ~~~~~    ****    ~~~~~    ****    ~~~~~

Out of the shadows and into the night

A light caught in the wind flickers to me

I see it in the distance, through the starless dark

It marks my destination.


I have followed this beacon before

 on the shore of my life time it waves to me

a sea of starlight calls one beacon forth

to the north it lights my way


I didn’t get home then lingering here

near this life that holds me to it still

Filled with love and family soul

Old is my journey


I will follow this light home one day

Lay my life down to rest in electric blue

A new me in infinite form everlasting

Dancing a in the hand of God.


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One response to “FOLLOWING A LIGHT

  1. Beautiful, especially the last stanza…I have not heard anyone speak of the blue light in a long time. This is of inspiration to me!


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