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24 sept 2011   >   19/10/1   >   sun/wheel of fortune/magician


When you shine, how big is your light?

When the wheel of life turns are you centered in it?

How will you see the magic in this day?


RACHEL and ANDY’s wedding day.  Helen’s birthday.  And it has stopped raining.. YiPeE…  The land in ‘cottage country’ in upper Ontario is almost in full colour.  SPEctaCulAr… wow.  Incredible reds.  Dazzling golds, deep pine greens.  I want that SUN to shine alllll over it for this day of celebration.

~~~   ***   ~~~ 

give to life yourself

body, heart, soul celebration

be a joy-rider


shake off discontent

cast away the garb of drab

bloom because you can


relation-ships sail

on seas of vast emotions

choose your harbor well


Wed your life to love

hold sacred love’s everything

be your best self now 


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