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                                                                                     Rachel and Momma Di 

What does accountability mean to you?

How do you look beyond what you can see?

What counsel would you give yourself that you give everyone else?


AAAaaaahhh.  and what a beautiful day yesterday was.  Rachel and Andy are wed and blissin’ out.  Tho’ I am not a marryin’ kinda gal, the tradition of it, from it roots of ownership of a woman to a man,  I honor the want and desire for ‘till death do you part’.   For me… till death do we part is kinda gonna happen no matter what.  I Do love the ritual and celebration of being witness to two people’s love.  It’s a beautiful thing.  And what is not to love about a ‘love fest’?  Love Shack .. baby Love shack..


~~~~~    ********     ~~~~~       ********


Simmer your love

let the brew of togetherness 

gently bubble down to forever


What ever forever means


Stir the pot of questions

let them rise to the surface 

for the giving of your answers


What ever your answers might be


Walk the Path of honesty

without it there is  no trust

between the spaces of questions


Whatever those questions are


Dance in the hands of kindness

give of it as if it will be

the last act of giving you do


Whatever it is that you do


If you wander away from love

and your heart aches for salvation


Whatever forever means

Whatever your answers might be

Whatever those questions are

Whatever it is that you do


Love will never leave you








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