26  sept  2011    >  21/12/3    >  Universe/hanged one/Empress


What crossroad are you at and what way will you choose?

If you are upside down, what does the world look like?

What/whom have you excluded that you might re-consider?


Battered, bombed, pelted… Oh My… The old, extraordinary tall Oaks that make their stand in my yard are releasing their Acorns with the help of mad little squirrels.  Imagine a hail of golf balls pummeling your roof with every gust of rainy wind.  I MEAN… Pummel, batter, bomb.  Sleep was near impossible. It was clear that my bedroom had a target directly positioned above my head.  This is a first for me.  Bastards.

Thanks for listening.

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The trick is in the ‘Old Dog’

they learn well if they have too

Days of jumping through the fire hoop

catching the toss in the air

rolling over for some idiot’s want

that maybe gone, ignored, dismissed

certainly executed in a new way.


Old Dogs sit, roller over, catch the ball

they like their food and drink

Some play well together, some don’t

Some will lick you all over if you let them

Some will nip your ass hard for a fight

Some will bring you the daily news

Some will bring their old chewed bone


Old Dogs want new tricks

keeps them young, limbered up

rough n’ ready for a new day

Sasses their curiosity up a notch

gives a wink to a pretty girl

a smile to a handsome man

dresses up their interior with some color


There is a trick in that Old Dog

waiting for you to toss them a bone

waiting for you to remember their youth

waiting to charm a smile out of you

waiting to jump through one more fire hoop 

waiting for you to notice they ain’t dead yet


Teach an Old Dog a new trick and

see what happens.









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One response to “OLD DOG, NEW TRICKS?

  1. A sweetly clever poem and lovely sentiment!


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