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Do you give yourself the freedom of taking a risk?

What needs your organizing skills?

Can you rid yourself of what you don’t need?


aaaahhh… No pummel of acorns.  No wind to bullet them to my roof.  yipppee.  Sleep was deep.  I wake up with a calm that I haven’t had for awhile.


So… I’m in this flash fiction writing contest.  In 48 hours, I had to write a 1,000 words or less with the three prompts we were given in my group. My genre; Sci-fi.  the place: a bar.  the object that I had to put in the story: a flashlight.  These three thing had to happen.   I share you with you the story I wrote and then I give you a  haiku that I hope pulls the story together in some way.  READY?


                    THE OTHER SIDE OF VOID

  A scientist must get help from a despicable alien race, so he can travel through absolute deathly emptiness to gather ‘Gid’, an antidote for a bio-epidemic that makes all females infertile.

~~~~~   ***

There was no hiding my identity in the cold blackness of Chaos Edge, the last bar before the X12 black hole. A flat grey moon hung above as Rio and I entered.  I could see the searing green blue eyes of the Yaz stare at us. The smell of sulfur spit and skunk ass gagged me. I had put my contact spots on to see in the pitch black, my mini flashlight tucked up the sleeve of my bio-suit. Not that I wanted to look at these aliens with their seeping folds of flesh and faces that were all mouth with teeth like little yellow razors. Not the prettiest race of alien life I had ever seen, and then there were their eyes; pools of Casimer emeralds, a sea, beautiful and dreamy, that pulled you into enchantment if you didn’t watch out.  The Yaz are Black Hole trackers and know the Void like no one else.  To my knowledge the Yaz are the only race of humanoids that can navigate a black hole with out madness being the outcome.  Not to mention death.


The X12 was the most direct route to Ferros Giddian and the only place in the multi-galactic continuum that grew Gid, a fragile fern that floated through the toxic atmosphere of Ferros.  Gid was the only known antidote for the FaxDax bio-epidemic that was neutering all birth-bearing women in five of the Terra16 Galactic region. No children; no future. I was the discovering scientist, and galactic linguist who volunteered to gather this fern with my small team of professionals. The Yaz were a necessary component, and the biggest obstacle to our success.


The fetid breath of one of their females licked up my face, her eyes were a Siren’s sea.  I stared at her gapping mouth as she spoke.


“What brings you here White Blot?  What charms might you desire of us?”


I complimented her dazzling eyes and sniffed her neck, as was her custom.  She reciprocated with a wet nozzle and gasp. I said through a gag,


“I am Salvo, a White of Terra16, here to negotiate our way to Ferros Giddian.”


“Of course you are, all you white blots desire the no-edges of Black-Holeness.  Feel the void float to nothingness.  Find death’s door open.  But why Ferros Giddian?  Despicable place.  Hideous stench.”


Being encapsulated in the putrid air and slim of Chaos Edge brought a smile to my solemn mission; making me wonder what could possibly smell worse then this.  I said loudly,


“Gid, we come for Gid.”


Raising the decibel and expanding twice her size she said,

“Gid? GID?”


My body shuddered with the violence that poured out of her hellhole and her spit of sulfur burnt my face.  I wiped off the sting of it.


I imagined myself a giant Dragoon vomiting hell fire and said 



A slash of silence filled the bar as the deep sea of all the Yaz’s eyes caused me to look to the floor for fear of drowning.  I tried to pull Rio up from his knees, but he was unprepared and melting. It had been the risk he took.  I aimed my flashlight to the ceiling. The spray of white light forced an explosive moan from all their gapping mouths. The tsunami of their eyes went out. The white light danced on the ceiling to the rhythm of their pain.


“Put it out… put out that light you despicable White Blot.  How dare you?  I will swallow you whole and push you out dead.


I flicked the light out to show my willingness to compromise. In the zip of silence, I bellowed,


“Without Gid my planet will die out as will yours.  Gid is the cure for the virus that is neutering our females.  It will invade you soon.  Going through X12 is our chance of survival.”


There was no turning back now.  Rio was dying and I was in the yellow pus of them with my only weapon, a battery life away from extinction.  The rising roar of them throbbed through my protective bodysuit.  Much more and I would implode along with Rio.  There was no giving help to him.


“What do you say then?”  I manage to holler; catching the ear of the female next to me.


A hum fell with the raise of her hands. Their sea closed and I took a breath.   The yellow scum of their curiosity covered me. When their eyes finally opened, her mouth could have swallowed my face whole.  I closed my eyes letting the stink of her cascade through my exposed skin. Receiving her was the only way into her.  I could feel the wave of her roar as she said,


“There is a knowing of the travel of this virulence. The edges of us feel the invasion in far distant galaxies. Too far.  Too far.  Gid is poison. Ferros Giddian makes this darkness seem brilliant to eye as yours. There is no courage in the gathering of this death you seek Salvo White.”


“Death to find life SheWho. Will you take us through the emptiness for the sake of your unborn?  Get us there and we will harvest the Gid.”


“There is nothing in this for us.  We bear our children well. And, we do not like you. Leave us White Boy Salvo. No time for this.  You have made bond with me thus we give you fair pass. He is ours.”


I walked to the body of Rio.  I laid my hands to his final heartbeat, breathed his soul into my body with a quiver, and walked out into the flat grey moon.  I could feel the renegade YazI waiting.


~~~~~     *****     ~~~~~


Travel through the void


feel death’s empty crush gather


Keep your love light on




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One response to “FLASH FICTION N’ HAIKU

  1. mamma

    You asked for feedback… so here are some thoughts I have. Like the guts of the story, well done on the characters, although Rio seems either unnecessary or needs to be expanded. The conversation taking place needs some work as it`s a bit cartoony in places. What bothered me most was the fact that the main character is wearing a protective suit, and yet he is said to have exposed skin and gets burnt. Also felt the ending needs to be stronger. I mean, he was just turned down in trying to save his people from extinction. Think you can really make this a great story though!!


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