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How many ways do you consider yourself a creative being?

What gets in the way of your being a creative being?

How will you get out of the ‘stuck’ box you’re in?


I don’t where the entire year has gone.  How about you?  Summer was a hot mess and not enough of the glory of how lovely it can be.  Fall, my fav’ season is coming into her colour this week.  Harvest time is full on.  I wish to enjoy the changes before Winter rolls on in and takes over.


So… if you read that bit of flash fiction yesterday, I’d love to hear some feed back.  Don’t be shy.  I’m experimenting.  Really, this whole dang blog is an experiment and an opportunity to indulge the poet that I feel I am.  All rough drafts and one day, I hope to gather a few of my favs and do a little poetry book.  oooooooo…


~~~~~   *****     ~~~~~     *****    ~~~~~


She sat at Creativity’s gate

outside, crossed legs, hopeful

She sat there while others 

walked passed and through

reciting poetry, carrying the

colour wheel as a banner,

singing celestial songs


She knew those songs by heart

poetry was the language of her soul

She was a living rainbow

and there she sat outside

Creativity’s Gate  

crossed legs

hopeful… waiting


It wasn’t invitation only

There wasn’t a specific hostess

fame wasn’t necessary or needed

being good or bad didn’t matter

there was no protocol at all

Just a gate that had a sign

that said… Creativity.


She sat there meditatively posed

A satchel of trinkets and pens

and a little blue leather journal

filled with her soul’s words

She watched the world pass her by

through the floral gate to her 

destination’s call.


 And call it did right to the core of her

Right to the very soul of her

sketched and etched in the little blue 

leather journal  that held everything

and nothing that was all about her.

All about everything and nothing.

Music filled the wind and her voice


Her voice caught the harmony of it All

She stretched and rose to to greet the Song

Gathered her cherished satchel and 

soul-full words as if in a trance

She passed through the gate with the

sign that said Creativity 

She was rainbow of words spoken

dancing for the life of her.













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One response to “CREATIVITY’S GATE

  1. mamma

    Really LOVE this one!!


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