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How do you feed what you love?

What determines the health of your relationships?

How does ‘be-devilment’ serve you?


yawn… sippy the coffee.  laid around in the bed forever today.  WOw.  I feel lucky.  woke up went back to sleep, woke up, went back to sleep.  I guess I needed that.

I’m using a prompt from my on line writer’s group this a.m.  cause it’s irresistible and I must.  Here is the quote that Jill sent us to use for the prompt.  

Aimee Bender wrote “I loved my brother, but relying on him was like closing a hand around air.”  Is this a great quote or what?  What does closing your hand around air feel like?  Imagine…

 ~~~~~   *****   ~~~~~   *****

I hold the air in my left hand

I don’t bother to tighten my grip

I don’t bother to close my hand

There is no need for that

There is no reason for that

Air is everywhere.

Filling and floating

giving of itself freely


The wider I spread my hand 

The more air I can hold

The more expanse the air has

To come and go as it pleases.

Still, and always full in my hand

I bury my nose in my palm

Give a big inhale gathering the air

Up into my lungs filling me with 



And still, my hand is full of air

I find it all very comforting

To imagine the hold air has on me

To imagine holding the air as if I could

Keep the breath of it even in my lungs

Because without it filling every space

Siting lazily in my cupped hand

Like it is right this moment

There would be no breath 

For the Life of us.

Even with my fist clenched 

I can not suffocate this air

This life force held here

In my outstretched hand



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One response to “AIR IN MY HAND

  1. Linda C

    I DO love your poetry! Wonderful imagery… metaphor. Yum.


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